How to make your playground design more outstanding?

2020 - 03 - 22 09:42:05

with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, modern amusement park is higher and higher content of science and technology, culture and art content, visitors to the amusement park innovation, change, good expectations become more and more high. As a result, there are a lot of experts from different angles to participate in community playground design, can use multi-angle thinking, omni-directional demonstration to make up the authoritative expert personal playground design vision is not wide, prone to defects such as inadequate. But a good playground design group should have the following characteristics. Pleasure to remind you, only have these characteristics, to design a new playground.

a, playground design group must be true by all aspects of the relevant experts. Head of government or enterprise boss, tend to be chief or the boss will chocked up with ideas many could have come out good ideas. Therefore, there are specializing in, can according to the specific condition of the playground, meaningful scheme is put forward.

2, playground design must have a clear guiding ideology. When discussing into open view, free thought, it's easy to have a so-called 'hard' or 'wild', cause the playground design deviating from the expected direction. So, must grasp the principle at any time. Adhere to the dominant direction.

3, playground design group of experts from different aspects and different majors and different experiences, have different length on the knowledge and ability, thinking method and considering problems also have focus. 'Three amusement remind you that complement each other or one will benefit more thinking collision, inspire more creative spark.

four, three amusement remind you, playground design groups to have a good organizer, he itself should be a senior playground design experts, at the same time should also have approachable, condensed group personality.

5, staff involved in the playground design should emancipate the mind, completely equal to exchange views, thoroughly remove authority idea shackles of their own thinking. Playground design group in the democratic atmosphere, the more thick, free discussion more warmly, playground design level may be higher. Six, the playground design process is a idea gradually clear, until a clear process. Three amusement remind you, playground design group, should be good at timely sum up, the organizer of the every playground design thinking and creative, sum up to the amusement park design projects, make the playground design at the beginning of the formation of the fuzzy concept gradually clear, and form a clear complete amusement park design proposal. Seven, to learn all kinds of new ideas, new thinking, new ideas, to meet the amusement park of multiple disciplines, multiple categories, fast development, the special requirements of change is big, ensure a high quality playground design.
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