How to make your children's amusement equipment park more attractive to children

2019 - 09 - 24 08:31:21

as the children's park to join the boom of the rise, the development of the market space is becoming more and more big, children's park inn in the market has a lot of, attracted a lot of parents and children, can be said to be a good chance to make money. Then, select the children's park inn, how to become more prominent more development opportunities? The following equipment information network to introduce you.     A, the right positioning & emsp;   1, the crowd positioning

& emsp;   Children of different ages, due to the different growth stage, the play also have different requirements, therefore, to provide suitable for every age children amusement space, must fully understand the characteristics of each age stage child, their preferences and requirements are different, they meet their needs, can correct positioning.

  2, project positioning & emsp;   Children's amusement park at the core of project, that is, management's main product line, must be designed. Popular, if you do this also, that also do, finally made a pot of stew, does not have its own features, but the wasted effort. Industry fine designed, it is for this reason.     Second, improve their strength & emsp;   1, strictly the quality pass, to ensure the safety and health & emsp;   As is known to all, parents care about most when choosing playgroups factors is security, China amusement equipment, information network to articles are weary of safety and health problems. Solve the problem of security is from choose safe and reliable amusement equipment, improve the staff's safety consciousness and sense of responsibility, maintain a healthy and comfortable recreation environment and some other aspects, as long as the bother to do these details, you can well solve the key problem. Parents at ease, nature also more popular with children.     2, improve the service quality & emsp;   In addition, to make the service personnel to improve service consciousness and sense of responsibility, main service object is a children's amusement park, children's accidental events are more likely to happen, be sure to keep high sense of responsibility and vigilance, at any time to ensure the safety of children. In addition, the staff always remind ourselves that I service tomorrow better than today. Always check their grooming conform to specifications; Keep the park clean and beautiful, check product display before opening; Adjust the mentality, five minutes before the opening must adjust mentality to relaxed, happy and confident in good condition, the best first impression to the customer. Only in this way, will form a kind of mood, a kind of habit, eventually forming the unique garden culture.     Three, make a characteristic, have their own unique style & emsp;   There are some methods, can build better playground atmosphere, more attractive to children, the method is as follows: & emsp;   1, indoor children's paradise period of time slots children music, songs, etc. , the volume is appropriate, and often to transform, play time shoulds not be too long.     2, children's playground of the image is very important, the clerk the children's playground uniform clothes, to children smile at any time;     3, 'happy weekend' activities, which are held regularly every Sunday to hire part-time teachers or children's television host human activities on the site, games, questions and answers, etc. , to participate in programs and correctly answer questions children small gifts, a week to produce several 'little angel', wear special transparent wings 'angel' and 'angel cap' photo, released photos enlarged wall;     4, entrance arch mouth he put the balloon column attract popularity, build festival atmosphere;     Number 5, stadium roof can flying color ribbon only helium balloons, balloon house online can use balloons into the shape of heart, balloons, stigma wall decoration balloon can foil atmosphere;     6, the space can be placed on a modelling cute plush, cartoon dolls, plastic ball and so on to visit for children;     To sum up, in short, want to let your children's playground all color, more attractive to children, then know this is necessary, only to give attention to two or morethings, all aspects to make your children's playground more distinctive, avoid project simplification, better to stand out in the market.
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