How to make different children's paradise

2019 - 10 - 24 08:24:21

the modelling of landscape design, first of all, on the vision should be vivid, close to nature, close to life, modelling look rich vivid expression. Secondly, on the model had better choose natural ecology of animals, plants, etc. For young children, it can improve the perception of the things, as well as to exercise the child's observation ability.

in the modelling of a protean design can satisfy the imagination of children for the whole thing. With add more design, bionic modelling on the basis of through a change model and abstract designs will attract the attention of children, conform to the children ready to explore the psychological. Children's playground equipment landscape modelling to be interesting, attract the interest of children, conform to the characteristics of children's psychological development.

in the choice of the color, the first thing to conform to the child age characteristics of children, some have been given a childlike innocence of color landscape, tend to be more get the favour of children, children in psychological resonance. Children love natural nature in landscape color can better reflect and grasp, to use natural biological inherent color or the same as color can make children more easy to recognize. At the same time, add the appropriate contrast can make the landscape has a strong appeal and impact on colour. In environment, such as children's playground taller lightness color landscape of warm color department will make children happy.

paradise decorate a style and theme is one of the, just make sure good decorate a style, decorate paradise is completed. But paradise decoration are divided into the paperback and the hardcover, if the money is enough, nature is can choose hardcover, hardcover, although spend more money, but wait until the late need less input. If less money can choose simple packaging.

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