How to maintain the gas storage battery

2019 - 10 - 09 14:06:15

inflatable storage battery after use is how to maintain? First is protected in the process of using a power supply is normal, keep the fan working properly. If you must replace the power supply or shut down the fan, please first to ensure that children have been evacuated. Linhai or other windy areas use such products, please make your own product fixed on the ground. When using, please make sure that the ground is flat and level, no sharp, bumps. A protective coating shall be laid on the ground, but use striped cloth market. Products in use process, there may be a stain products, available fine washed a bath. When cleaning, please use soft towel, not with a stiff brush. Long-term need not when, please keep the bed dry mania, and put in a cool and dry mania. If in use process by the rain, please first open the product, with blowing fan, fan open mouth, the rest will blow the internal moisture, and make proper drying. Products by high speed industrial sewing machine, not seal products, need pinhole ran gas uninterrupted supply air fan, can achieve the result of bounce, so the product leak, run gas like now don't have to worry about is normal. This product is continuous aeration form, and send air volume is larger, in order to make the toy has good elasticity, some parts of this kind of toy is the need for a flat, or toy quality will influence entertainment effect!
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