How to let children grow up happy

- - - - - - 01 - More exercise not only can exercise the child's physical ability, also will let him become more cheerful. Maintaining moderate dynamic life can relieve the child's stress and mood, and let the children like myself, have a positive body image, and find fun from movement and a sense of achievement.

2, often hug

a hug, gently convey is infinite care, 'I love you' is silent. The study found that the soft touch a hug, can let the baby become more healthy, more lively, mood also relatively stable. For adults, hug can make people relieve pressure, smooth the anxious mood.

3, along with the gender to the child play time

& emsp; American children education scholar Thomas Armstrong said, than to have planned activities, free play is more healthy for preschool children. Parents want to avoid the child's time with a variety of activities, course. All children need to have some idle, along with the gender play time. At the speed of their natural to explore their curious about the world. Perhaps, sometimes you should slow down your footsteps, throw your itinerary, follow the rhythm of the children to enjoy life.

4, to ensure that children eat healthy

a healthy diet, not only let the child health, also can let the child's mood is stable. Whether it is a meal or snack, try to follow the principle of health, such as: low fat, low sugar, fresh, balanced diet.

5, listen to

there is nothing more than listen to can let the children feel be concerned about. Want to be a better listener? Don't use an ear to listen, when children talk to you, try to stop your hand is doing, pay attention to his speech. Be patient to hear the child say that finish words, don't want to interrupt, hurry to help him or to finish quickly, even if he says you've heard many times. With their children go to school or put the kids to bed, the way is the best time to listen to.

6, taught his caring people

happy children need to feel oneself have some meaningful connections with others, to understand the meaning of his to others. To develop this kind of feeling, can help children more contact with others. You can arrange some old toys and children, and he donated to charity, to help homeless children. Can also encourage the children to participate in some volunteer activities at school. The expert points out, even at a young age, can from the process of helping others, be happy. And get into the habit of likes to help others.

7, teach him to solve the problem of

from learn to tie his shoes to cross the road, each step is a child towards a more independent milestone. When the child find his ability to solve the problem, can bring them happiness and a sense of achievement. When he meet obstacles, such as: laughed at by a playmate or unable to solve a puzzle, you can have several steps to help him: 1. Confirm his problem. 2. Let him describe his thought of solution. 3. Find out the steps to solve the problem. 4. Decided to let him to solve the problem or provide some help. 5. Sure he can obtain needed assistance.

8, letting go of perfectionism

we all expect children showed his best, but sometimes too eager to correct or improve their performance, for example, abandon they didn't put the table clean, simply wipe it again; Or correct they have to put the things to a certain position. Everything perfect, will weaken the children's self-confidence and the courage of making mistakes. Next time when you can't help but want to mind everyone's business even trifle ones, anxious to help children doing things better, let's think about it: 'the matter related to health or safety? 'Imagine, after 10 years, it still so serious? 'If the answer is No, then let the child do it.

9, inspire his inner art talent

although scientists have confirmed that there is no such thing as 'Mozart effect', but more let the child contact with music, art, dance and other activities, still can enrich the child's inner world. Experts found that when children dance with the music, or take a brush graffiti, actually are children in expressing his inner world, the method of expressing emotions. Children like painting, dancing or playing music, will feel satisfied with yourself.

10, creative praise

when children did well, don't just say: 'very good. 'Compliments are specific, give me the details, it is pointed out that where there are impressive, or better than last time, for example,' you are active with the guard's uncle said good morning, today is really very polite. 'However, also should pay attention to when the praise, children don't get into the wrong. Some parents will reward children with gifts or money, let the child to focus on the can earn what, rather than on good behavior. Parents should let their children to find, to complete a thing of satisfaction and a sense of achievement, rather than using the material rewards to reward him.

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