How to keep buying new amusement equipment, such as new so long

2019 - 10 - 27 16:40:14

a lot of fun amusement equipment is operating in outdoor, so long time welcomed new amusement equipment, how to keep fresh feeling?

  First of all, remember to cut off the power supply, no matter what kind of amusement equipment, if do not use for a long time, must cut off power supply, prevent accidents, which can prolong the service life of our amusement equipment.

  Second, amusement equipment into the warehouse storage, must pay attention to moistureproof and anticorrosive and maintenance, as well as the phenomenon such as mosquito bites, otherwise equipment will not be able to use, some tiny breaks without timely notice, direct use, may lead to some accidents.

  Then, it's also important to keep the new amusement equipment clean, good cleaning job can make amusement equipment from corrosion by pollution, are more likely to be preserved. New amusement equipment when not to use for a long time, must pay attention to the storage method, can guarantee the amusement equipment used for a long time.

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