How to invest to build an amusement park

2019 - 10 - 17 10:23:33

with the development of economy, people living standard rise, leisure and entertainment industry is developing rapidly, amusement park investment also gradually warming, more and more investors begin to pay close attention to and investment in the industry, and achieved success. However, not every investor can reap the benefits! So how to successful investment to build and operate a amusement park/playground?

1, the location of the amusement park site: if determine to operate a children's park project, amusement suggest location in the large shopping center ( 购物中心) , shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, etc. If the invested a large playground, then according to the relevant policies, and the budget of the investment to determine the location. Sentiment is everything! Good site is one of the hardware index paradise to continue as a going concern, the traffic around the site when the site and the surrounding commercial prospects for an evaluation. At the same time also want to consider whether you need to go through the formalities of relevant industry and commerce, taxation, fire. 2, amusement park, product selection: determine the scope of the paradise to the products, the mechanical amusement equipment, inflatable amusement equipment, electronic products and other make roughly the choice. Outdoor amusement park can do mechanical main amusement equipment, can form a complete set of inflatable amusement equipment; Indoor children's paradise can do small and medium-sized mechanical amusement equipment, the main form a complete set of inflatable castle and related electronic products. 3, cooperation manufacturer: intention venue confirmed, contact the operator according to the actual circumstance of budget appropriate manufacturers. And let the manufacturer to make park overall planning design and the product quotation, choose good products, good negotiation cycle of production and installation. Suggested that the operator in case conditions allow on-the-spot investigation was carried out on the playground manufacturer, at the same time investigate the paradise of the provided by the manufacturer to other entities shop equipment status conformed to the safety, environmental and operating conditions, so that we can fully to paradise manufacturer to evaluate production capacity and after-sales service. 4, amusement park mode of operation: garden propaganda promotion, ticket price ( According to the actual situation to handle card, month, year) , paradise member archives establishment, associated with children's nature of institutions, when conducting cooperation interaction, and so on. 5, amusement park management: to form a management team, all staff of park safety knowledge, equipment operation and other related training, strengthen the employee's safety awareness and sense of responsibility. Amusement suggest operators have amusement equipment operation experience of staff recruitment, regular and scientific operation to ensure the safety of the visitors. In daily operation can theme activities to increase the playability of the garden, and so on. 6, the amusement park management thinking: to ensure traffic/amusement park amusement park, Disneyland, you can purchase through innovative, fun devices to attract visitors. Park management must have their own characteristics for a long time, park operator requires innovation. Differentiation in the same industry competition is the key to long-term to win.
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