How to identify amusement equipment with safety

2019 - 10 - 26 10:13:37

amusement equipment in today's development speed is very fast, but at the same time in the amusement industry in full swing, also began to appear on the market some unqualified amusement equipment. You will need to we need special care when taking attention, how to test the safety of amusement equipment?     1, the first thing to learn to read the instructions on the use of the new amusement equipment or tourist information, using new amusement equipment in accordance with the requirements to ensure safety;     2, test new amusement equipment quality qualified logo is quite important, new amusement equipment with qualified quality logo is security;     3, for some neglected for a long time, have obvious rust or amusement equipment failure, it is best not to take, because there are dangerous.     With the number and variety of amusement equipment is becoming more and more parents must improve safety consciousness, let the children in a safer environment for play.
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