How to identify amusement equipment

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objective: childhood is a stage in life, from fetal and neonatal, infant and preschool children to teenagers are constantly in the process of growth and development. Its dynamic characteristic is different from adults, also there were significant differences in all ages. Need to consider the child's mental development and practical to choose appropriate levels of physical development of children's amusement equipment. For infants from birth to 1 one full year of life, the physiological characteristics of this period is still growing faster than at any time, neural development is rapid, immunity is weak, susceptible to infectious diseases. Optional fill children's amusement equipment such as software, rattle, squeeze toys. The age of 1 to 3 for early childhood, the physiological characteristics of this period was physical growth is infantile slow, language and action ability, he will walk, but there is no safe consciousness and the ego to protect consciousness, prone to accident. Can choose and buy children's amusement equipment such as the ball, drag toys, building blocks, toys, puzzle toys, toy car, house, beach toys, etc. ; This period, the age of 4 to 6 for preschool age children's physique growth continues to grow, there is still a light is not flexible, careless and not quiet characteristics. Can choose and buy, bicycles, tricycles and helmet jigsaw puzzle, dolls and costumes, story books, a person play scene, such as toys and accessories. The age of 6 to 9 for school-age children, like playing the game of skill and intelligence. Can choose and buy a kite, bicycle and helmet, skating shoes and protective supplies, craft supplies, dolls, puppets and clown, puzzle toys, sports equipment, acting and toy products such as chess. Second, check the directions for use: ( 1) Applicable age range. Toys in commonly used instructions will indicate the age range of application of the toy can according to the age of the child of choose and buy. This major has a dual meaning: the first, children's amusement equipment itself is designed for children this age; Second, not in this age paragraph the children use the hazardous products. ( 2) See the security warnings. Toys hidden risk of some factory will pass warnings to alert. After such as open the packing, please immediately left its packaging plastic bags. , not a life preserver, can only be used in shallow water, does not apply to children under the age of 3, etc. Buy and use toys, be sure to carefully read the warnings, to avoid the risk of misuse of toys. ( 3) The effective date. Some products are specified in the period of validity, can avoid to use expired products. ( 4) Method of use. Complex toys, such as children's bicycles, baby walker, computer learning machine, etc. , imported children's amusement facilities should have detailed use method and matters needing attention. When the choose and buy should pay attention to this. ( 5) See assembly procedure chart. Assemble toys assembled by adult or children's self-assembly should have assembly procedure chart. Three, rejection, 3 without the product

according to the 'quality standard' regulation, all production and sales of domestic product should indicate the producer name and address and the certificate of approval, and apply standard Chinese characters. Imported children's amusement facilities, also should have a Chinese toy instructions. Instructions on the use of the toy provides many information about the products above, should be read carefully. Refuse to 3 without the product, so children's amusement equipment when the choose and buy, should pay attention to children's amusement equipment instructions whether the specification is complete.

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