How to give children playground increase popularity

2019 - 10 - 25 08:33:55

in the children's park management, sentiment is the lifeblood, is wealth, so how to their amusement park increasing popularity, why other people's children's playground sentiment so good? Let's look at the copy! Amusement park attract popular scheme as follows.

internal strategies:

(1) to develop children's clothes, is the logo on the back and front of making cartoon dolls, clothes is preserved for a long time, can prolong the propaganda time will guide propaganda and whole construction machinery and used as a stealth propaganda.

(2) set up outside the tong qu paradise rest area, parents put desk and chair, in the face of tong qu for parents to rest area should be set up in the right side of the park, children's games is put on the left, on the vision to the child to induce consumption.

(3) to make our exclusive balloon, the balloon on the print on our logo and wording, tong qu paradise, send to tong qu children of Disneyland.

(4) is for two sister or brother and sister, two people can enjoy preferential 15 yuan, or can send a bumper car coupons.

5) to draw for a long time, children playing in the park have the opportunity to participate in lucky draw prizes; Cartoon clothing, little doll, smiling face, stickers, etc. ( Prepare some children's favorite gift) 。

6 this paradise to arrange professional caregivers, ( For nursing personnel training, to have affinity, drives the children to play in it, under the condition of ensure the safety of children, let the children have fun) 。 Let parents put the children in our paradise, like parents can rest assured to play a game of the game, like reading the parents can rest assured upstairs to read widely, that kind of not trust to keep the child's parents, can provide a leg warmers in to accompany children play together, and put in our parents rest area some weekly newspapers such as reading, read a book for parents to kill time.

7) in children is more, we can organize random caregivers of activities, such as organization of children dance, jump very good can send prizes, or in the court organization, according to the actual area for competition, in the court in possession of a particular item, find items children prizes and other activities to attract children.

today let's caregivers put on our clothing of cartoon characters accompany children play together.

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