how to fix an inflatable water slide: the four most common problems

Inflatable water slides have become very popular and you know why if you are lucky enough to have a water slide.
If you want information on how to fix the inflatable water slide, you come to the right place.
Banzai Falls happens to be one of the most recognized brands and one of the best-selling brands.
Unfortunately, they also seem to be one of the most problematic slides.
Some repairs are easy to repair and some are beyond all hope.
I will cover the four most common questions and how you can take care of them yourself and save one of your child\'s favorite toys. 1.
Mold: Summer is coming again and on the first day your child begged for the water slide and you opened it from the storage room and found it all moldy.
Mold is not beautiful and can do harm to health, but sometimes you can throw it away if it is not too extensive.
First of all, I recommend Aurora Ship Clean Plus, which is safe for polyester canvas.
To keep it clean, you may consider washing inflatable toys once a year. 2.
Tear or puncture on the fabric: no matter how careful you are with the inflatable slide, a tear or puncture will occur.
Unless you inflate the slide and notice that it is not inflated enough or not at all, you may not notice it.
If this happens, you should start looking for tears on the fabric.
If your slide doesn\'t swell at all, then the damage can be large and you can easily find it.
If your slide expands a bit, it may mean that the tear is small and it may be difficult to find.
One trick to make this easier is to inflate the slide and spray it with a spray bottle full of soap and water mixture.
If you have a leak and the leaking air causes the mixture to bubble, you can determine the source of the problem.
Once you find a leak, you may want to check the rest of the slide to make sure there is no more than one.
To fix the rip or tear on the fabric, you first have to sew the hole in order to prevent it from getting bigger.
Once you \'ve sewed it up, you\'ll need some adhesive and a patch.
You can buy canvas repair kits from almost any place where camping equipment is sold and they should have them to repair the tents.
Follow the instructions that come with the kit, just make sure you cover the entire rip with patches that are large enough.
You can use more than one piece if the patch material is not large enough, just make sure the seams overlap about 1 inch. 3.
Split seams: Unfortunately, if your slides crack at the seams, you will get the type that is the hardest to fix.
Most of the time, this type of damage can be too big to fix, but since these slides are expensive, you may want to give it a try.
You will follow the same steps as repairing the hole.
Starting from the seam, be sure to go a little beyond where the split stops.
After you are done, you will cover with patch material.
Then cross your fingers and if there is air on the slide, turn on the hair dryer and take a pat on the back. 4.
Defective or damaged blower: The blower unit is bad unless you have experience in motor repair, then you should really replace it.
You can buy replacement blower on eBay for $50
$200 depending on type and condition.
You need to match the size and strength of the blower to the size and strength you have in order to work properly.
Banzai Falls is not the only manufacturer of inflatable water slides. In my opinion, there are other brands, such as the explosion zone and the Bounceland, which offer higher quality products.
Banzai seems to have a lot of trouble with durability, which leads to a lot of people finding directions on how.
I hope you can fix your slides, but if you don\'t check the other brands.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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