How to face the temperature plunged amusement equipment

Has always been a few days ago the sun is shining, the flowers are blossom, but these two days the weather has moderate rain blizzard, the temperature plummeted, like taking a ride on the kaifeng swatches amusement equipment as an amusement equipment suppliers, naturally want to remind everyone to make their own amusement equipment ready to corresponding measures, to resist the blizzard, heat quench people can not stand, the machine can also can not stand, you know well what protective measures together. First of all should pay attention to check the hydraulic oil, some by the hydraulic transmission system, transmission system is passed by the hydraulic oil energy. Liquid natural fear of low temperature freezing, especially in the long-term use of hydraulic oil will become very thin, very easy to freeze, so be sure to check the hydraulic oil concentration, right of dilute the hydraulic oil for timely replacement. Second, check the good each connection point of lubricating oil is enough. Because temperature is too low, lead to the glass fiber reinforced plastic will be very 'brittle', if do bad lubrication, easy to break off, so be sure to make each connection point and vulnerable point of the lubrication process. Finally, check each line is normal, because after the blizzard, the equipment is easy to produce water, once some lines have insulation broken skin, easy short-circuited circuit malfunction, so this is also very important. I firmly believe that, do the corresponding protective measures, nature can make our equipment easy to face the storms.
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