How to do the safety countermeasures of children's amusement facilities inflatable castle

2019 - 10 - 26 09:03:54

inflatable castle is a common childhood amusement facilities, in each big city ecology, square, temple fairs and other places are very good, but as the inflatable castle and operation, the problems existing in the industry of short also gradually revealed. Especially the rapid expansion of the recreation industry nearly two years, is breeding ground for a series of non-standard operations, particularly in after entering 2019 appeared a few serious safety accidents. So for this kind of low cost, high yield, a popular project for small and medium-sized investors, how to get out of the current industry dilemma? Objective for inflatable castle, from production to management of our country is not a normative standards, low threshold can join anyone can operate, and in the process of children's play no care, more important is playing in the middle of the inflatable castle is commonly preschool children, they lack self-control and the ability to protect. Under such circumstances the operator needs to do to remind the parents focus on children outside the venue of the dynamic, ban on younger children play stimulus projects at the same time, avoid the age difference is too large to prevent collision, friction and so on. For the operator to control the number of children single children's amusement facilities, because once people too prone to stampede, can also cause the collapse of the inflatable castle. In addition to uncontrollable factors, investors must complete various work to avoid problems. In view of the current inflatable castle class children's amusement facilities of the easy wind unroofed, operators should to do a good job of fixed toys especially, especially can't simply use sand fixation. Under strong wind weather, outdoor inflatable castle is to stop operation, forbid anyone to enter on the device.

of course, the security problem of the inflatable castle is not a separate group can ensure completely, it is need to manufacturers and operators to build. Factory has the responsibility and obligation to flow into the market product eligibility checks, such as strict screening of raw materials, monitoring the production process, at the time of research and development of new products also need to do a good job in security testing ( Commissioning) And so on. The same operators have their own a security responsibility, for example, to do a good job of wind fixed of the bad weather to stop operation, control, play, etc. , the number of children's amusement facilities should at all times to safety and health!

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