How to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of children's amusement equipment

2019 - 10 - 03 09:15:59

how to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of amusement equipment? Children play in running it amusement equipment, must be timely cleaning of the equipment and the maintenance work, ensure operating equipment is clean, do a good job of cleaning and maintenance in time not only helpful to children's equipment is the body, but also to the life of the use of the equipment and also has a lot of help. Whether big friends or children and their parents, for children's amusement equipment has a good sense of identity, it can give people bring stimulation and sense of joy, so manufacturers in the production process, strictly according to customer demand for design and manufacture amusement equipment, so as to equipment is that people prefer a product. So for the children to play the amusement equipment how to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance, today jinshan children's amusement equipment manufacturer to tell about the cleaning and maintenance work of the equipment.

  Amusement equipment is children play especially easy to dirty every day, so the operator should pay attention to keep health every day, keep the equipment surface clean, if there is any foreign body should be immediately clear, to prevent scratches when children play, keep the sliding surface and screw, gear, rack, no oil, no collision; Each part does not leak, no leakage, no leakage, no leakage. Only health clean safe amusement equipment, parents are more willing to take children to visit Disneyland.

  Adventure playground equipment in the center have a lot of electric rotating equipment, these devices have many need lubrication bearing, bearing parts turn many times every day, the most prone to failure. So the operator 1 - best 2 months regular inspection maintenance, repair and maintenance of the lubrication work, increase the amusement equipment service life.

  Every amusement equipment has a variety of screws to each to the stability of the welding position, ensure the normal operation of equipment, once one of the problems, there are safety accident may occur. So the operator should regularly check equipment screw loosening, welding deformation crack mouth position if there is oxidation, if this situation should be handled immediately or stop using the equipment.

  Amusement equipment operation must have an enduring popularity, popularity will have a famous player in today's society to care to children, parents of children education value, simple amusement equipment cannot let parents encourage. Only entertainment, security, education and health are both devices to the bottom of my heart to accept them. In the process of selection of children's amusement equipment, equipment should pay attention to the effect of many sided, whether can catch the mind of the parents, if we can have a lasting popularity, amusement equipment don't like video games city only need enough stimulation, can full vent to relax, must be the home long concerns and children's study, such as increased intelligence factors into consideration.

  If it is indoor activity room, the floors, walls, etc. , daily ultraviolet light disinfection, indoor to ventilation, spraying disinfection with hydrogen peroxide solution once a week. First circuit electrical parts when cleaning, make sure the power, water is forbidden, generally scrub with wet cloth, wait for dry after appearing to turn on the juice. A lot of people at the time of running your own business, there are a lot of doubts, how can the business will do a good job, this requests us from the detail place, do the preparatory work, in order to prolong the life of the children's amusement equipment is also the important task in our work.

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