How to design indoor children's paradise

2019 - 10 - 14 08:32:01

as people material standard of living rise, people in the pursuit of spiritual life level is higher and higher, especially for children, very willing to spend, it also leads to the rise of the children's amusement equipment industry. Amusement equipment industry for the moment is a sunrise industry, a lot of people rushed into the industry, it also led to the industry, a mess site planning were unsystematic. So the question comes, how to from the perspective of professional planning an indoor children's paradise. The author to make the following Suggestions for you, hoping to help.

venue and equipment safety

the author thinks that, building indoor children's playground and outdoor children's playground, the first consideration is safe. Security including site safety and procurement of amusement equipment safety.

we are planning a location must consider the safety of the site, such as emergency exits, exit, electric safety, etc. , only to do first and most important step in this amusement park is likely to continue as a going concern for a long time, so we are doing the site planning, be sure to set aside the area safely. The safety of the amusement equipment is also cannot be ignored. Some operators at the time of purchase amusement equipment, do not pay attention to the manufacturer's qualification and capability, lead to purchasing the product quality of many security problems, such as amusement equipment leakage, battery leakage, leakage or without security early warning and so on, one thousand an accident but regret.

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