How to correctly choose and inflatable castle? How to buy inflatable castles are not fool?

2019 - 10 - 14 13:42:48

self-construal: combined with their own investment ability, work place area and space height, feedback information to the inflatable castle manufacturers. Make sure themselves place area, Length and width are to provide) , height, and precisely tailored for purchase. Modelling first: inflatable castle product selection have the anticipation or epidemic, for children, beautiful appearance, novel modelling, gorgeous color, etc, accord with the aesthetic demand of children can attract children, the business will be good. For example with children like cartoon for material design products, children must be particularly fond of. The current popular generally is the best choice, such as bears) series of products this year. At this time to go buy what pleasant goat Wolffy failed may be in the starting point. Three, remaining true to false: if you want to for a long time to attract customers, must let customers believe that your product. Ensure the safety of aeration equipment normal operation is the most basic, if the user is in play when there is a problem in your device, the result cans be imagined. This needs us in identifying product polish eyes: 1 action hand touch: most children inflatable castles are handmade, so the toys on the surface of the smooth work, the more sophisticated. Parents should choose the surface is smooth, no burr inflatable castle toys, avoid the baby in the game is tied to the burr. At the same time, children's inflatable castles with face is the need to cut, so in cutting hard to avoid can produce Angle ( Such as the Angle of the square) , so, children's inflatable castle in the process of making the chamfer is required to solve the cassia seed filling sand pool each Angle of tough questions. Children 2 to employ nose smell: general inflatable castle more or less have the flavor of the wood itself, if the smell is too strong that toy encapsulation is too strict or paint on the surface of the toys have a problem. If you have any flavor encapsulation too strict for toys, if you put the toy in ventilated cool place 2 ~ 3 days will solve the problem of taste. In general, as long as it is formal channels to purchase inflatable toys, toys on the surface of paint should be no problem. Toy paint should be non-toxic harmless toy special paint, but there are some bad vendors in order to seek profits, regardless of the child safety and production to use inflatable castle cheap paint containing toxic, these toxic paint contains a large number of excessive amounts of lead, benzene. 4, production qualification: inflatable castle little, tens of thousands of many tens of thousands of investment this product must be to the factory on-the-spot investigation. If a manufacturer produces no qualifications, there is no corresponding identification procedures, so you buy the inflatable equipment is a no 'id card' products, quality is not guaranteed. Through to the factory visit, to understand product making use of material and the process. Chinese amusement equipment information net remind you if the distance is not too far, the best in the product before delivery, to see the product in the factory, notice the factory, it is better to give a time to prepare. Now there are a number of products after receiving found does not agree with the original design or design products no imagination of good, want to change and so on. The cost of the products sent back and forth is also a loss, but also delay the operating time.
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