How to conduct business to promote the new amusement equipment

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as amusement equipment industry increasingly fierce competition, to amusement equipment industry monopoly advantage, need has the ability to innovate. Son for a paragraph

the amusement equipment, how to conduct business and promotion? The next line through amusement equipment factory want to introduce to you! New equipment into the children play

to children's park, children's park to do the job:

1, put a small sign on the new children's amusement equipment, told the kids how to play.

2, new children's amusement equipment in a visible place, at the same time with ribbons, balloons, do dress up.

3, charge permission, can provide a free demo link.

4, new children's amusement equipment, staff in the next to explain how to play.

5, can remind children paradise import place again have a 'new partnership', let children play the game to find a 'new partner', set up appropriate awards.

a series of activities, a new approach of children's amusement equipment is sure to be the children's good friend, after the children are familiar with how to play the new equipment,

believe that the children could not leave?

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