How to choose the suitable factory investment inflatable castle

2019 - 12 - 31 14:58:42

in recent years, the popular children's inflatable castle like, plus its mobile business portability, ease of operation, has made investors keen to, a lot of new friends also began to the above consideration, however, make many people puzzled on the inflatable castle of choose and buy, in the face of manufacturer or failure, good and evil people mixed up, how to correctly choose and inflatable castle? Amusement equipment as a professional manufacturer of children's amusement equipment, specially today to do a presentation on these general friends concern, for your reference

a, choice of venue size, combined with their own investment ability, work place area and the height of space, passenger volume size, feedback information to the inflatable castle manufacturers. According to their own place area ( Length and width are to provide) , height, and buy accurately, make sure to buy toys within the scope of the field can hold enough to use. We can according to the actual needs of customers for the elves' faire customers tailor-made products, ensure that can be used.

2, modelling design choices: large inflatable castle product selection should have anticipation and epidemic, to choose to stand in the eyes of the children, for children, the appearance of beautiful, lovely modelling, colorful color is the most fun, meet the demand of the kid's aesthetic appeal to children. Such as to the present popular children like cartoon characters for material design products, children must be particularly fond of. To see the manufacturer on the design is novel and attentively, diversified

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