How to choose high quality inflatable/support the pool

> business season summer is aquatic amusement equipment, inflatable/support the pool as the main equipment of aquatic amusement equipment but also the priority of operators purchase. A good aeration pool/stent is the assurance of good management. MaiDeBao amusement is here and simply introduces some matters needing attention for everyone, help you better choose pool inflatable pool or stents.

1。 First of all need to grasp the principle is: can't covet is cheap, buy cheap 3 without the product. These 3 without the light cannot ensure the quality, or unsafe even toxic elements, produce immeasurable harm to children to come to consumption, we must pay attention to avoid.

2。 Check the work details. We need to focus on product joint paste, can be a slight pulling folding, see if it will leak or loose. Can also use hand wipe the outside material, observe whether there is the phenomenon such as discoloration or degumming, and perceive the thickness of the material. After testing the content of the above, we also want to have a pungent smell smell gas pools.

is amusement area established amusement equipment manufacturers, the main products include inflatable pool, stents, pool, inflatable castles, castle, inflatable water park, etc. , welcome the broad masses of customer consultation to choose.

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