How to choose and buy cheaper amusement equipment

2019 - 09 - 16 08:28:52

most of the customers at the time of contact with our company, often the most care about is the amusement equipment price, generally feel after know roughly the price high. For now, the quality of the amusement equipment is also the good and bad are intermingled, so good quality amusement equipment, because the price is higher, it is easy to be ruled out by the customer. As a customer, how to operate to choose cheaper price, good quality amusement equipment?

first of all, depends on the thickness of the plate, the thickness of steel plate. Because this is exist in the aspect of things, easily overlooked by lay people. Amusement equipment facilities as a direct contact with children, children's safety is always the first. If the entire device without a stable and solid architecture, talk about security? Ever seen a children's amusement facilities, the exterior looks also pretty atmosphere, but due to the plate is too thin, adults on the stairs, the stairs is concave down, over time, the clearance of stair is more and more big, until to the adult's foot caught in the gaps between the two steps, it took a lot of trouble trying to foot out, out, has torn skin bleeding.

second, outside is wrapping material thickness and quality. The poor quality of leather in the short several months, may also be more beautiful, but soon the skin aging, cracking and sponge is exposed, equipment is very ugly.

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