How to choose amusement equipment for their own children's paradise, and look here

2019 - 10 - 11 08:51:48

1, play equipment price

price for any goods however, amusement equipment is not exceptional also, that is to say, the same price, can accommodate more people to play, the higher the price, but also the success of an amusement park, one of the essential conditions and through observation, cost-effective products more attractive to the children's love, therefore, at the same time of play equipment purchase, price is can not be ignored.

and purchase cost-effective products, can have more money, rich single play equipment, more can be a very good amusement park of viscous effect.

2, play equipment size

we are picking up amusement equipment, to estimate the size of their amusement park, put the amusement equipment, how to put, it's best to do a planning ahead of time. Can, of course, things they don't understand, ask the factory ahead of time, there are many manufacturers offer site operation design, qin amusement such as China, is a set research and development, production, sales integration company, field operations, to join in cooperation. Before buying more consulting companies, can make oneself walk a lot less detours.

remember, don't buy by the device of product size is too large, insufficient funds, or by feeling to some equipment to put, resulting in no one to play, or play is convenient wait for a problem.

3, the quality of the equipment safety

no matter what we do, safety is first, must assure product quality and safety, after all, children's self protection means to be very weak, resistance is very weak, there is a problem that is very troublesome.

and again is a problem may also affect the customer's product quality and safety play mood, or even permanent lose some customers. Therefore, when choosing equipment must pay attention to choose giant, quality assured factory.

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