How to choose a playground

Inside the

a comprehensive shopping mall, or square, the integration of general beer and skittles and shopping mall comprehensive market, since the consumption capacity is big, even some set up a separate floor is the children's zone, is the first choice for indoor and outdoor playground equipment site selection. A lot of people don't see this kind of shopping mall outside square potential development power, in fact even more easily than internal external square attract people to play, because both in beer and skittles and shopping from the square, the site is the best choice.

Living community or kindergarten. Here brought together a large number of fixed population and target groups, the first living community relations with People's Daily life, people can play to go out, than to the park or amusement park to play more convenient. And kindergarten peripheral area is more hot, because the main consumers of children's amusement equipment is children, can find children's amusement equipment in kindergarten surrounding ground is also very good choice.

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