How to choose a good amusement equipment site

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investment amusement equipment is more and more in recent years, want to manage amusement facilities, of course, the choice of site is particularly important, so the choice of site is what method?

business children's amusement facilities project proposal location in large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, etc. Sentiment is everything! Good site is one of the continued operation of amusement facilities 熈 hardware index, amusement facility location the traffic around the site and surrounding commercial prospects for an evaluation, but also to consider whether you need the related industry and commerce, taxation, fire and other formalities.

small amusement equipment, many believed that stream of the place is a good site, small amusement equipment, actually this is one of the prerequisites. Small amusement equipment venue options are the following:

small amusement park or amusement park amusement equipment play areas for children, if it is a development mature park or playground, supporting facilities are very perfect small amusement equipment management of children's amusement equipment users also is more, the venue rental here would be high, but because of business in many small amusement equipment, children's amusement equipment relatively complete kinds, has the certain families with small amusement equipment group to play, so it is one of the preferred site. If is the new development of the small amusement park or playground equipment, must first consider living near the size of small amusement equipment area, near what merchants. Small new amusement equipment developed place first rents are cheaper, if near potential development momentum is good, is also small amusement equipment is very worthy of.

moreover living community or kindergarten. Here brought together a large number of fixed population and target groups, the first living community relations with People's Daily life, people can play to go out, than to the park or amusement park to play more convenient. And kindergarten peripheral area is more hot, because the main consumers of children's amusement equipment is children, can find children's amusement equipment in kindergarten surrounding ground is also very good choice.

of course, the choice of specific factors to consider itself!

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