How to choose a amusement equipment

2019 - 06 - 14 09:05:17

for investment amusement equipment operators, is the chief concern of an amusement equipment quality is good, because in recent period of time about some amusement equipment accident exposure, making many amusement and theme park business has a certain impact, so to people who want to start a playground, amusement equipment quality must be in the first place, only the quality of amusement equipment with adequate protection, to make long term stable development of the park, amusement park operator business, so a good amusement equipment quality? What is the basis of reference? The following detailed analysis with the rest of the players.

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first of all, you can reference from factory production qualification. Normal manufacturer is a qualified amusement equipment production standards and qualification, and some small manufacturer in the markets are often unlicensed production, not only is the illegal production and operation, and are often made of amusement equipment quality is not pass, so now a lot of investors when the choose and buy equipment will be asked to go to factory to visit, if there is no power or informal manufacturers, are generally not let customer visit, so it can be used as a reference.

followed by reference, we can do it according to the feeling of the sampled some manufacturers rely on a refurbished some old equipment or second-hand equipment, we at this time if we can take, whether can if there is a noise from the equipment run time or to feel smooth. Sometimes, of course, we can also from the appearance of the spray paint equipment to assist in the reference, but most of the time this judgment is not accurate, so in a previous trial experience as a reference to choose amusement equipment quality know no pass.

finally can be done from the aspects of price reference, the equipment with high price is not to say must be formal, but if the price too much lower than the market price, then the quality of equipment problems, because the entire amusement equipment industry's market price is generally low, does not exist or malicious demand a bounty of happening, so the price is mainly to prevent the existence of some low-quality equipment, because sometimes some investors will be attracted by the price, so it for later, will be trouble, so you must still choose to market prices almost as a reference.

  , of course, the actual selection of amusement equipment quality needs to be more than three together, don't because of a little detail negligence choose whether some quality problems of the amusement equipment, so still need to first select the regular manufacturers of equipment, and then choose the reasonable amusement equipment according to our budget

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