How to avoid the playground equipment production accident

2019 - 12 - 23 10:21:02

when we operate amusement equipment don't want to have any accident happened, so if there is how can we avoid when accident happened? Now many amusement way of doing business is outsourcing or subcontracting to others. If a playground equipment accident, the manager of the playground will say that he had nothing to do with, in fact, according to the relevant national laws and regulations, head of the playground this is wrong, as a playground even to the playground, head of the outsourcing or subcontracting to others, once appear, children's amusement equipment accident, playground, head of the amusement equipment accident liability will remain, and in accordance with the legal responsibility, undertake the related responsibility. That how to avoid the playground equipment production accident? Amusement park to the playground, head of the project operation, outsourcing or subcontracting to others must be periodically check, supervise and urge the contractor operated amusement equipment normal operation, if there is a potential safety hazard, operation personnel meets the basic requirements of children's amusement equipment operators, etc. , in this way can reduce the incidence of accident and avoid playground equipment.
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