How to avoid the children's amusement equipment damage

2019 - 11 - 19 11:41:46

child is very naughty, for novel reaction is playing children's amusement equipment, familiar with playing a long time will produce the idea of how to tear down and destroy the children's amusement equipment, not because the child a bad frame of mind, they destroy the children's amusement equipment simply for the fun of it. Children's park at this time how to respond, let children no longer damage children's amusement equipment?

  In the children's park would often encountered this kind of situation, in the face of a group of children are destructive, how to stop, and not hurt children? Amusement, said can from several aspects:

& emsp;   First agreed with parents, before entering the children's park, the parents should education children what is right, what is wrong. For the destruction of the children's amusement equipment, is wrong, should not happen, if you have any other children found damage children's amusement equipment, also should stop.

  Second, for children's amusement equipment, easy to be damaged, such as toys, cloth art cushion type equipment, inflatable type of equipment, etc. , need to be vigilant, children comes into play attention to check whether there is a sharp, children play in the process, found that the phenomenon of damage children's amusement equipment, gentle told that it was wrong behavior, and education they help staff supervision and other children. Children are endowed with supervision power, will be very positive.

  After the proposal, to prevent the damage to children's amusement equipment, in the face of children need to be patient, can't use the method of yelling, it would do more harm than good.

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