How small amusement equipment so popular

2019 - 12 - 25 10:26:12

small amusement equipment how so popular children's amusement park has a variety of novel, educational children's amusement equipment, children often play in it, can be a very good exercise reaction ability, thinking ability, practical ability, improve intelligence and ability to learn, through the exercise of the kids can benefit the health of body and mind, will be more intelligent. So the market demand for children's amusement equipment will be bigger and bigger, more and more people aim at the market, so, why do you say children's amusement equipment market is worth investing? There are two reasons.     An analysis, from the market, customer needs, consumers in the amusement equipment industry on the market at present the majority of all children, among these groups, large children's amusement equipment can give them stimulation and fun, to let them accept, because big amusement equipment while playing more exciting, but many children can't accept this kind of amusement equipment, height and speed, but small amusement equipment cannot bring a slightly bigger kids to stimulate pleasure. So in the present, large children's amusement equipment just make up for the defects.     Second, from the cost of investment, large-scale amusement equipment of the production cost is higher, area is relatively large, so the investment cost is high, and the production cost of children's large-scale amusement equipment is moderate, cover an area of an area small, its nature of investment cost not too high, so whether in product investment or venue rental, the large playground equipment is suitable for the needs of the development of industry at present stage, its market share and increased the rate of demand will become the development trend of amusement equipment industry at present stage. Australian monitor lizards motos, launch new products by the end of 2019, the size is not large, especially suitable for the children to play. Australian monitor lizards Big lizard patent products new product launch parameters configuration: size: 140 * 70 * 145 cm weight: 60 kg weight: 150 kg motor: 350 w brushless motor controller: three generations of intelligent controller brake: electronic brake boot: without delay, the soft starter battery: 32 a 45 a * 2 * 2 and ( Amd) Shell: project glow unibody enclosure lights: red, yellow, blue, green all dazzle colour of light color:


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