How should we improve product sales

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I think! The sales have not just the quality and service competition! Not just the competition of advertisement and product appearance, also should be more reflected in under the action of corporate brand and product brand! First to sell products to allow customers to understand the background of your company! The spirit of enterprise, etc. In from the perspective of emotional lead consumers to spirit! In spirit to guide the consumer! This is the highest of intangible assets in sales! Throughout by intangible tangible! Should make full use of marketing 30 seconds! Real thirty seconds marketing is not to say that let you finish within 30 seconds, but lets you use thirty seconds to 30 seconds of two three or four! In the middle, taking advantage of the products to win customers! Others is through material unilaterally pursuing, but you are through the mental and physical double win! And you have a greater advantage than they are, that's a chance to do public relations. This is a very powerful sales tool! Look at public relations more books! Is the so-called life 2 second three everything through pr to pyramid selling, direct marketing, distribution to combine three! In the after sales, you want to self innovation! Find the service difference! Emotional is added in the service! You want to remember! It is now all come to the enterprise competition is a competition with another industry chain, you do anything details this well can only do your surface, but connotation? Customers coming is one step at a time, they are so many things come into contact with, including the salesman, details many salesman to do and do well, but the connotation of factuality? There are several salesman do in place? Believe not, first of all you have to know your customer's industry, the market status, what is his opponent? Your customers and his rival, the biggest gap lies in where, then talking with your product can give him what good, so your sales would be sure and effect, the details are important, but no meaning is let the customer the most remember two points: the elements of a smile, with confidence.

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