How naughty fort equipment display effect is good

< p > 1。 Naughty fort equipment are in need of combinatorial innovation < / p > < p > combination innovation including external combination between different amusement equipment project and the combination of different function areas, after that constitute a consistent style of all. This combination demands based on field practice, not only requires novel, common, comfortable, and utility function area and the allocation is in order. < / p > < p > 2。 Naughty fort equipment are in need of function complementation < / p > < p > a lot with other children's amusement equipment can be a very different functions, placing children playground equipment, pay attention to complementary criterion between amusement equipment. Try to put the different function of amusement equipment in together, so that we can in large below so that the children spirits. For example, produced playground equipment should put together with the sports playground equipment. < / p > < p > 3。 Naughty fort equipment need size set < / p > < p > at present, almost all the children's park has a size of different types of children's amusement equipment, in place of the amusement equipment, to comply with different models of amusement equipment in different position. In so doing, can guarantee the children playing in the amusement equipment in peace, can also make the whole amusement places of amusement equipment layout done very reach the designated position, give a person with a lot of thought. < / p > < p > 4。 Naughty fort equipment are in need of alternating < / p > < p > ordinary children outside the park there are absolute in the sense of cold hot equipment, don't put hot equipment when placed together, this can prevent a small amount of customers concentrated in one place, cause channel congestion. Unpopular popular equipment replacement, can disperse the crowd, unpopular equipment play rate, adhere to the channel dredging, prevent children playing in the amusement equipment time due to the large initiatives collided with each other to form a body damage. < / p >
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