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2019 - 10 - 07 17:15:06

simple and practical, atv vehicle off-road performance is good, appearance is generally not covered. In conclusion it is difficult to express its meaning in the Chinese name of the simple, with large tires can increase the contact area with the ground, generate more friction and can reduce the pressure of vehicles on the ground, driving up also more safe and reliable; Although square recreation activities and education will make children more easily into the nature, love sports, exercise the child's physical quality, develop the child's logical thinking ability, language communication ability to make friends, so now a lot of parents as long as the baby will take the children off to the square of the play, the children are also very like it here, and there is a play the day the child found here play their paradise. Beach car appearance is out of shape not easily! Painting the body made of the car after using for a long time also can keep the color is gorgeous! The whole contour adopt international standard square steel welded together, strong and durable, is free to switch of the car back, two-way regulating speed, including speed, CVT; The car is equipped with two pieces of 12 v20a amd battery, provide long running time. Wheel hub is very durable, vacuum resistance, grasp the dungeon and friction, the maneuverability is strong; Longer hydraulic damping, bold suspension design, improve the driving comfort and comfort; Crash barrier, prevent accident appear, can effectively protect the car from damage; Radar light cool color LED light, cool cool light strong sex, multiple light bulbs, lighting, plastic protection lampshade, lamp more security; Is your square required a thriving business; I find consulting!
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