How much does it cost to invest amusement park

2019 - 10 - 25 11:32:27

hot development of amusement equipment for many people to see the business opportunities, to invest in amusement equipment, whether for investment or amusement equipment factory for amusement park is needs the support of capital, do a amusement park to see how much you want to do a more widespread, but also consider the venue rental, the problem such as personnel, equipment, overhead. Amusement equipment manufacturer to give us the do today a amusement park need cost problem.     A cost site: & emsp;   When they invest in an amusement park, site is very important, not only the area is large enough, there also have some customers, so as to ensure the normal operation after the advantage to be made. Every place of the land price is different, here can't budget.     Second, artificial cost: & emsp;   Park operations before installation and debugging and running of the required resources and management, the early stage of the installation of some large amusement equipment, for example, the frog jumped, Marine carousel, etc. , are all need artificial cooperation and large machine operation, recruitment to recruit some experienced or have teaching experience, so that we can quickly enter the working state, the management of the amusement park is good.     Three, equipment costs: & emsp;   Before purchasing amusement equipment must first consider the local consumption level and customers range from age stage, inflatable amusement equipment suitable for 3 - class 5 year old children play, mechanical equipment for more than 6 years old tourists to play, the obvious seasonal aquatic amusement equipment, suitable for summer. Must be for their own amusement park has a planning, so that manufacturers can help you to choose and buy some products, thus for park planning.    

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