How much does it cost to indoor amusement equipment


the first thing to see how big is your site area, and then to determine how much you need to budget. If you haven't determine the venue, so consider first for age is how old children, 0 Not in elementary school, under the age of 6 or 3 - The age of 10.

indoor children's amusement park equipment is divided into two kinds, one kind is the traditional naughty fort, static equipment, cost is lower, but the interaction is not strong; The other is a naughty castle of electric equipment, age group co. , LTD. , electric naughty fort high cost.

location problem, run indoor playground equipment advice in large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, large community, after sentiment determines the operating conditions, so the location must be chosen. Location when the traffic around the site and the surrounding commercial prospects for an evaluation.

choose good sites, according to the situation of the budget investment contact normal manufacturer, naughty fort, children's amusement equipment professional do naughty fort, children's amusement park equipment, children's training equipment and so on more than 10 years experience, if you have time to go to a field trip, choose a regular and reputable companies who are guaranteed.

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