How many meters of investment network minimum can do red bridge

2019 - 11 - 01 08:48:14

often watch a short video friends should know that this time there is a bridge on the network fire up. Actually gave me the feeling of this bridge is swaying, feeling also have no what special place, and also look there is no fun. But I can't really fire to the bridge, and now each scenic spot in order to attract tourists to get the 'net' red bridge. Why can 'net' red bridge so fire? There is network advised always gathered a lot of people, mainly by standing on the bridge deck crew shaking bridge deck in the same rhythm, speed up gradually with the frequency of the bridge deck and shaking, rhythm disorder crew will be unstable fell into the water. And net advised although the game seems simple, but there are a lot of people play, is this why? Net can think why so fire? For players in the game, on the net advised as shake to put large forces, in the process of the game do whatever it takes to put the opponent shakes off the bridge, trill in recent days more fire 'net' red bridge to detonate the great river north and south, in the passion of the music accompaniment, sway leisurely, leisurely, playing with his stimulus, playing with his heart! This style of ones can instantly make participants forget all worries. May not even willing to challenge people gather together, it would be difficult to expand project. Have atmosphere foil, organized and hosted, fans of '' and swing bridge project requires considerable atmosphere foil, need to cooperate, cooperate with the appropriate background music is very important at the same time it is a need to organize the activities, the bank should be able to mobilize atmosphere with explanation of the management or the organizer.

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& emsp; Also can let visitors valence, in a period of time and satisfied with the scenic spot. In the case of tourists gathered, realize time visitors spend and increase satisfaction, is advantageous to the indirect two scenic spots disappear and revisit the scenic spot. Swing bridge the third role actually in marketing, swing bridge can be made, will also be able to detonate the marketing. In ruzhou flat flowers to recognize, for example. Even if their accidentally fell down from the bridge, in the swing bridge is a very low investment project, can bring the good marketing effect, can accumulate a lot of people, also can promote the tourist satisfaction. Its use pay attention to the scene and the scene activities organization, is a small project, there are. This unique experience is also a memorable! If they can hold out until the last become the winner in the game, when on feel very proud and proud! Therefore advised the 'pure joy', as one of the villagers, I have witnessed the birth and growth of red bridge. On the net nowadays advised brings us joy, also bring the opportunity, it's folks a treasure! 'Pure extract' third net advised relaxed your nerves, you can forget all the troubles of the life, free to release yourself, just like the children playing, don't need to care about other people's eyes. The play is very popular with tourists! Challenge to rely on a swing bridge, gradually extending the influence from the scenic spot to regional and national, form the classic brand project. Thus a simple network made into real lasting red bridge project. ( 4) Swing bridge is a water project, need to pay attention to cold and hot swing bridge is a water project. Water sports in different region has its seasonal.

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