How many inflatable park are produced by per month?

As a whole, it is stable monthly output of inflatable park in . However, it may change based on different seasons (peak or off-season). The monthly output may be different when there are different sizes, specifications or colors. Our production is flexible. It may be adjusted when there are emergency orders.

Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd is considered as the most promising enterprise in inflatables for sale field. The inflatable water park series is shown as follows. All our products and services are designed with inflatable water park in stock in mind. Bouncia use customized anti UV&heat material makes the life span of the floating water park 30%-50% longer than normal material. All our single elements passed stringent TUV test against EN15649. . The design of inflatable water park,water park equipment manufacturers based on water park equipment manufacturers includes the following several respect mainly:

In the future, Bouncia will strenghten its scientific technology support and popularize advanced production technology. Check it!
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