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2019 - 09 - 11 14:03:18

in recent years, domestic children's amusement market continuously emerging new children's amusement programs. Many investors optimistic about the prospects for development, what do you want to be children's square amusement projects, many investors asked: children square so good prospects, children's park worth the investment? Kaifeng below swatches for you analyze those worth the investment.     Square amusement park equipment, children's amusement in the current penetration rate is becoming more and more high, some of the children of these devices is too familiar, even't interest children already. This phenomenon is not good, is not conducive to the development of the children play. To avoid this phenomenon.     Square amusement equipment compared to traditional amusement equipment, amusement equipment, let a person shine at the moment, an instant let field of science and technology feeling, compelling, attract popularity, the roof project is rare. Square amusement equipment operation is simple, enjoy visit equipment is to the parents and child can also boost between parent-child.     Square attractions are: robot storage battery bumper cars, square, square. 。 。 。 。 。 Kaifeng swatches in so many manufacturers of the company's products are unique, kaifeng swatches square attractions: square robot fighting king kong has vivid modelling, cool light, simulation battle, human voice; Square (kiss sharks and dolphins beibei with lovely modelling, especially the other children like; Square, storage battery and popular animated by a child super flash proprietors of the development of the original authorization square super flash storage battery; Square equipment less how many people take the little train, small train has a cool light, lifelike train horns especially like the other children.     Now the new children's amusement equipment emerge in endlessly, the operator should according to oneself circumstance, reasonable combination of purchase don't blindly update. Square amusement development is the key for a long time, children are worth the investment, let rides all aspects can be executed in accordance with the business purpose smoothly, more easy to achieve the desired effect. Senior amusement people to invest in the development of children's amusement equipment and two Suggestions: first, to make the children's amusement equipment. It is best to establish a theme park, children's playground investment theme amusement park is not only the theme of the children's amusement equipment, more is to do the children's amusement equipment to interact with children, only good interaction can better play the function of the children's amusement equipment is the largest. Second, according to the children's playground positioning, regularly for children's amusement equipment to undertake transforming. Don't change the basic function of children's amusement equipment, so that children in the amusement park to play every time, arouse the curiosity of people. The cost is low, the effect is very good also. Customer demand oriented, not only with entertainment as the theme, more attention to the educational function of amusement equipment, grasp the operation of the key is king
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