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is one specialized is engaged in children's inflatable battery cars, inflatable trampoline, plush animal car professional consumer goods such as processing enterprises, has this aspect demand dealer web calls consultation at any time, low consumption, wholesale! ! Thomas train bumper car manufacturers * inflatable products easily damaged place is the surface of package materials, because of improper use or by visiting some unexpected situation leading to skin damage and leakage problems. So this problem should be how to compensate and operation should pay attention to what. As adults touch ball manufacturer, for those who are using our products customers, we provide you with the following steps: before treatment, must first have a clear train of thought, do not blindly go to repair, find the correct repair, not can contact the manufacturer, or check some information. Need to prepare the material: scissors, repair material, heat fan or blower, glue Thomas train adult inflatable bumper cars touch ball 1, appears flat don't try so hard, don't rush to repair, the ball will be filled with gas, first find a flat place, with the marker tags, must be careful to every place, can be accurate to mend. 2, according to the size of the flat mouth to tailor repair material. 3, in the process of normal use, the surface will have a lot of dust, need to use treated water, the surface is wiped clean, ensure clean, lest affect paste 4, find a hair dryer, and the right glue, can contact suppliers, according to the selection of materials. 5, with blower and fill with glue, glue need not be painted many but must be uniform, after being mended well stay half an hour to an hour or so can be inflated,

check once again and presence of lesions.

Thomas train bumper cars in the outdoors, is * in my spare time, people is willing to choose an activity, not only can work, and the pressure of learning, and can exercise the body, improve their vigor, make more friends have fun together. And touch your ball why so is sought after by the masses in the outdoor sports, analysis from the following points: 1, play outdoors touch your ball, novel, unique way of playing, can be combined into the usual variety of athletic and sports activities in the life. For example can be used to play football, that's a * characteristics play, find a football field, and for each one set of touch on the ball to the football competition PK, make the whole of the game interesting, infinite amplification, you can have a ball body as a shield, form a tactics and strategy, if to touch your ball through the skilled technical stronger, you can easily win the game. 2, its security is higher, is itself by the periphery of the inflatable material for package, a little offended people and will not be hurt, inside with a handle and seat belt protection, so play up quite safe

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3, it can promote the physical growth of children, and people skills, the cultivation of a collision area such as a simple planning once across the range, even if failure, and then play back and forth into several teams. Among this you need to walk back and forth, back and forth in the collision, so you need to consume large amounts of energy. Group against must also emphasize the cooperation between team collaboration.

especially in children have a holiday or some campus activities, can be as expanding use touch ball sports.

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