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2019 - 09 - 09 15:11:39

park, plaza, community, temple fairs, etc. A lot of places can see the figure of amusement equipment, the business is called a hot, isn't it a lot of people are interested in our amusement equipment industry, are interested in is the essential condition of our business success, the second is that we need to have a business mind, master more trick, what's the trick? To constantly play to their strengths in the market, achieve the goal of their own profit?

both do not easy, not just what you need to know when is the peak season, need to know the following points. First, the marketing knowledge. Can according to the market forecast and investigation, the consumer psychology, features and characteristics, pricing and strategy, product sales channels and means of knowledge, knowledge aspects of marketing management and work out the corresponding activities and all aspects of related transaction. Second, familiar with the product. Such as product characteristics, the use of the note, repair and maintenance methods. All items on the built-in, quality identification and so on all have the 'more' understanding. For in the operation process of using the different situations. Third, product maintenance and repair work. Regular inspection of the machine equipment to reduce potential safety hazard. Fourth, the relevant laws and regulations. What amusement equipment is not allowed, for example, of which is prohibited by national laws and regulations, and then, in the economic law, labor law and social security and health, fire and other multilateral rules also want to read relevant materials, to ensure the personal safety and workplace safety. When opening in amusement places, of course, also have many knowledge to learn, such as opening request, health requirements, fire control requirements, and so on. Whatever you have now investment or you are now ready to investment, the analysis of the above for your investment in the future will have more far-reaching influence, entrepreneurship is not easy, as long as we have good method will bring us beneficial help. Avoid detours, bonanza!

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