Good commercial breath gas mold filling can use how long can be customized design

2019 - 09 - 16 16:21:35

inflatable model gas in our country, all kinds of opening ceremony, the release of new products, product promotion, business exhibition, wedding, birthday emerge in endlessly. Whether from the coastal open cities, or from megacities to general city, from the general urban cities to villages and towns of trade market, we can see it everywhere. Gas can be used for a few days of that kind of a time breath gas model, the most common is the arch, has often been used in many commercial propaganda. All kinds of gas companies may dazzle you, let us give you some advice hope I can help you.

with the merchants in order to better promote their products, to achieve good effect in economy and the balance of both, general inflatable arch has been far less than businesses expected hot effect, in order to build a bigger

promotional atmosphere and attract the attention of more customers, inflatable cartoon model arises at the historic moment, inflatable model is not only limited to the character or cartoon modelling, selling all the products can be made by the inflatable model, such as common glass, solar energy, fertilizer bags, oil drums. It can be said that only unexpected, no can't do. Give you a simple analysis of module manufacturers choose how we should consider.

1。 The company's products are factory production, quality assurance, are the original pictures in, like customers take a fancy to design can contact: sales manager ms. Yang: 18937803869 the goods, ensure that the product details, the quality of the product. Our factory is very strict with product quality, before each shipment, inspection, debug various details, make sure it is products before shipment.

2。 Products belong to large items freight, have different gap is bigger, to avoid damage in transit, reinforce the packing, the cost of goods according to the size and charge transport distance, use logistics to pay, if you have any requirements can be paid in advance. Strict in freight, please sign for it, be sure to check if damaged in front of logistics personnel, large objects, due to the logistics company transport process is damaged, please refuse to sign for it.

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