Funny games props wheel rolling rules of the game

2019 - 10 - 24 17:05:42

members of wheel rolling rules of the game after entering the venue in the designated runway in place, the foot in a width of 0. 5 meters, the total length of about 10 meters of cloth or paper together as enclosed big circle, big circle up to accommodate all members later, need to walk while rolling big circle, the team by the end of first team win the game. Wheel rolling techniques must be the wheel through the finish line to stop. ( 2) The physical strength the best player on the back. ( 3) Game player steps in the process. ( 4) Slower, hand faster, lest his teammates are in the front. ( 5) We must unite as one, or cried out, song together with pace, everyone heart up, to go further. Wheel rolling notice players feet could not leave the big circle, explore the loop body. Ps: if the game the way big ring fracture need to immediately stop to repair, after the repair before you can move on. Wheel rolling game objective: to develop team members is consistent, the close cooperation of team spirit, overcome difficulties, training plan, organization, coordination ability; Cultivate team mutual trust and understanding. Amusement equipment sales, is a set design, production, sales for the integration of new enterprises, accumulated years of production and design experience of amusement toys production personnel. Products have a large inflatable castles, children's inflatable slide, inflatable obstacle slide combination, aquatic amusement products, fun sports equipment, etc. Variety, fashionable, high quality and low price, durable, good service. My company based on 'high quality products, good reputation, good faith service 'for the purpose, constantly to provide customers with professional products and satisfied service. Continuously developed new products to meet the different needs of customers, the application of different occasions. Our company has perfect after-sales service system, adhere to the 'service, quality, take the market' service concept, providing customers with high standard, high quality, high demand of terminal services. Choose our products, welcome to sample custom, in order to make our work better, please put forward valuable opinion, new ideas, the more exotic ideas and higher standard requirements.
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