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2019 - 10 - 31 09:10:40

interesting project millionaires dice games group sports equipment leasing interesting sports equipment of transport equipment you first think of is interesting games! Fun games, also known as the mass sports, mass sports, is the activity of mass spontaneous brainstorming sports. In the past many units have their own activities. But because the project is too simple, the physical demands, project design is not reasonable, lead to lack of interest, reduce activity participation. To better carry out the national fitness activities, more in the enterprise according to the internal staff sports activities. In the early ninety s, authorized by the people's government of guangdong province in guangzhou, a professor at the school sports 'interest movement of traditional research and development and improvement. On the project into a large number of outdoor development training project elements, make the project more between communication and cooperative team. On the game mode at the same time, in the form of track and field games, make the activities more integrity, more warm atmosphere at the scene. Become enterprise annual signature event. Project innovation, refreshing: novel through a variety of special equipment, to participate in the group feel fresh, bring more enjoyment for visual and auditory, also can let more those who participate in the project investment; Novel and fun: sports simple fun, exciting, by simple explanation and demonstration project concept, can understand the rules of the game and how to participate in project, most of the project combined with game form, high interest. Greater participation: compared with the traditional games, fun games, community participation, dozens or even thousands of persons to participate in a fun exercise. From the traditional games can only 'many people watching, less people to participate in the' deficiency. Participate in low threshold: make up for the traditional sports meeting only spell power, speed, fun sports demand for energy is not high, no matter what, old and young, men and women with the participation experience. Atmosphere active: for fun sports area requirement is not high, only need little area can be carried out, the audience and participants are close, the field outside is like. The opening, competition, the whole atmosphere of link are active and lively. Controllability is strong, because there are great referee, it details the rules, there is a statistical rules of flocculant, the project of interlocking scores can let activities smoothly. 7. Numerous projects, unlike similar with the traditional project, have updated daily, daily have created, can make the continuation of interest are fully, so as to achieve the aim of physical exercise and solidarity and cooperation.

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