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2019 - 09 - 12 15:42:15

children bumper car is a kind of mobile games facilities, equipment, including bumper cars and an indoor space vehicle. Have small electric bumper cars for driving passengers. Around the amusement of children's bumper cars has made of rubber fender. Two people most commonly on the car. Double pedal control driving axle driven one-piece, simple easy to operate. Bumper car body generally USES made of FRP mould. Glass fiber is made of molten glass pull or blow into inorganic fiber materials, the main chemical composition of silica, alumina and boron oxide, magnesium oxide, etc. Amusement of FRP is car clean the lacquer that bake, color lasting bright, durable. This depends on your site where, county or city, the local consumption level. If it is a second-tier cities children play is at least 10 minutes at a time of 20 yuan, a car can earn 120 yuan an hour. According to the five hours a day is 600 yuan. If general cities or towns 5-10 minutes 10 yuan, one day a car can make 150 - 300 yuan. If more than a dozen car met holidays, thousands of a day is a normal level of income. Venue to be decided according to their own situation, there is no specific requirement. Heaven and earth net bumper car need to design field, investment is bigger. Battery bumper cars need to level off the ground, the relatively small investment. Quality, have to find a good manufacturer. Heaven and earth net bumper car should be fun, after all, a price a points goods. If you don't have too much investment, battery bumper car also is pretty good. Heaven and earth net bumper car price at around $eight thousand, battery bumper car at around five thousand. It depends on what kind of your investment, bumper cars, roughly divided into two kinds, one kind of park, amusement park, a small square, park, is a battery of the network, and then take the first one, three categories of skynet, battery investment minimum a car down to about 6000 yuan, all day network, a car 7500, net 500 square, controller, a ceiling separately. To use the price is relatively cheap many square, the price is in commonly 2500 or so.
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