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Engaged in amusement equipment what will have to do before?

by:Bouncia      2020-05-08
2019 - 09 - 30 11:31:00

now, more and more investors look to the children's amusement equipment, want to start a children's amusement park. But playgroups start is not the same with other industry, must be careful. So, start playgroups what specific steps?     Start children playground equipment to deal with specific process: & emsp;   Step 1: go to industrial and commercial sector registered capital verification, issue a business licence ( Like to join in, should be joined with joining contact headquarters to determine after joining, deal with relevant license) again ;     The second step: to tax bureau to handle the tax registration certificate;     Step 3: to health bureau deals with hygiene license;

  Step 4: to the public security fire department fire related formalities.

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