Does make delivery on time?

Under the strict and wise cooperate management, can guarantee delivering inflatable course on time. We have our own our factory which is equipped with advanced production equipment to ensure the highly efficient production process. We cooperate with trusted raw material suppliers to ensure timely supply of quality materials and efficient production.

Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd keeps a leading company in inflatable float realm with its staple being blow up water park. The inflatable water park series is shown as follows. With a wide range of finishes and materials available for each type, our products provide a flexible selection that will match and enhance any setting, interior or exterior. Originally created eyelet connection system by Bouncia makes the whole park very stable. Bouncia is a manufacturer who is specialized in air sealed inflatable products, especially floating waterpark games. . The inflatable floating water park,small inflatable water park part virtually eliminates problems caused by small inflatable water park ..

Bouncia will continuously improve its inflatable floating water park after sales service system. Contact!
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