Do this can significantly improve the playground at five competitive advantage

2019 - 11 - 17 10:47:41

with the development of amusement equipment constantly updated, more and more popular, children's park is enjoyed by people in many entertainment and leisure way. But at the same time, the market competition intensifying, operator of the market, work hard, to attract more customers, business model homogeneity serious, amusement is to improve the competitive ability of the amusement park in detail from the following aspects.

a, grasp market trends to clear products. To research the market demand as the starting point, through amusement projects within the area must be extensive query and statistical analysis, the situation of the cost and the results and laws, summed up the market demand characteristics, clear on the market the most popular with the masses of tourists attractions, which constitute the first step of innovation, provide the most powerful guidance to set different.

2, different combination methods invented new merchandise. In amusement equipment industry, especially the one project innovation, the combination method of different is the method of lower cost, easier to complete. It contains both the internal combination between the different rides, also involve a combination of water rides and attractions land, after that constitute the new leisure entertainment experience goods, but this combination demands not only novel, unique, comfortable, and utility function area and the allocation is in order.

3, changes the environment construction new atmosphere. Some operating indoor entertainment project for a longer time, environment usually appear aging, tired, the whole atmosphere dim, many operating time longer amusement places have such problems, can be established after the environmental atmosphere of update to finish. For a longer operating life of the floor, walls, glass, rendering the aging room, children's playground equipment place, change after the floor tile, metope paint, playground nearby rest seat from scratch and resettlement and amusement field of free places from design to all the environmental progress, building new amusement atmosphere, playground to complete all the updates. Can be combined with the characteristics, project construction unique environment atmosphere, let a person feel the immersive.

4, strengthening the visitors engaged to create another experience. Participation and experience is the center of leisure entertainment project characteristics. In amusement set different aspects of the project, project about some tourists participatory weaker, but by strengthening tourists participatory, constantly made different way of experience, to enhance the attractiveness of leisure entertainment project.

5, update the hardware device to lead projects. For short life cycle of adventure playground project, its hardware equipment selection is relatively fast, this requires a constantly updated equipment, And equipment updating is not only the old for new, but to continuously introduce new recreational equipment. But update hardware devices need to increase investment, so this kind of vertical vision it is necessary to establish the new amusement equipment for scientific analysis and speculation.

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