Daily children's amusement equipment safety hidden trouble

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slide has multiple functions, can exercise the baby climbing ability and so on the many kinds of sports ability, to help stimulate the vestibular system development, but its risk can not be ignored. Spread, for example, in the slide at the bottom of the cushion mat substandard, baby slid down injured by the ground impact is too large; Or children between competition, pushing and falling from a height, etc.


before the baby slide, should first check whether cushion mat for elastic material, and have enough thickness; Slide is installed firmly; Armrest or chute beside the fence height whether to baby's waist and so on.

baby height can only play in 1. Five meters, small slide slope is slower.

instruct baby hand railings, step by step to climb the steps to the top of the chute, not from the slide down climb up; And are always toward the decline, the upper part of the upright; At the bottom of the slide to see before whether to have other children, after the slide down to leave immediately.

when baby playing slide, if have the arch or guardrail design of closed slide, parents should stand at the bottom of the ramp; If open the slide, should stand on both sides of the slide, to prevent the baby from both sides fall at any time.

this way, or the inflatable slide safer. To choose our inflatable slide!

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