Congratulations on sichuan great party boss like two new hippocampal beibei bumper cars

2019 - 11 - 16 15:48:45

11。 15 from sichuan province party boss in the logistics company has two sets of hippocampal beibei bumper cars, he said earlier this year New Year's day, still need to give New Year's day I make money bumper cars to ready in advance, so as to avoid subsequent the closer it gets to the year end, logistics cost is more expensive, logistics time is long, the Chinese New Year golden week of making money, delay will earn a lot less money? Let's thumb up for the party boss.

the parameters of the hippocampus beibei configuration: size: 158 * 80 * 145 weight: 60 kg weight: 150 kg motor, gear 350 w brushless motor controller: three generations of intelligent controller brake: electronic brake boot: without delay, soft start battery: a * 2 (32 Amd) Shell: project glow unibody enclosure lights: whole vehicle dazzle colour light colors: red, yellow, blue green, parent-child seat beibei bumper car appearance is hippocampus hippocampus modelling, image lifelike, cool light, the shell is rotomolding, bruise wear-resisting, adding to the family, 4 45 Ann amd battery, battery life is 6 - 8 hours, the exterior size: 158 x80x145cm, indoor and outdoor electric devices, children play place in, shopping malls, amusement parks, squares, parks, leisure tourism resort.

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