Commercial inflatable air die breath gas die quality what price how many manufacturers

2019 - 09 - 16 16:28:29

with the continuous development of inflatable products, the emergence of module in the market, to bring us a lot of convenience, factory is mainly engaged in inflatable products, such as inflatable arch model gas products of professional manufacturers, has a certain advantage in the market, good reputation, worth of trust, this article want to explain to you model gas when use the matters needing attention: & emsp;   The first is the wire arrangement is not reasonable. Model gas arch was planted inside the road next to the mostly used for propaganda, when erect gas arches, in most cases, people ignored the blower electrical wiring problems, even some people to pull the wire directly on the road, passing vehicles rolling back and forth, lead to broken wires, probably hurt and the passing pedestrians. Especially model gas arch shaped arch populated place, wire correspond more, if there is no reasonable arrangement of wire, the incidence of short circuit, electric shock will be higher.     The second is electrical wiring, blower, difficult to guarantee quality. Arch most exposed to outdoor gas, some gas, however, is difficult to guarantee the quality of the arch, in the face and wires and blower will appear leakage or short circuit conditions.     The third is the lack of safety warning signs. Because of the lack of safety consciousness, people rarely set up security warning signs in key locations. Especially model gas arch shaped arch personnel is relatively dense, but the vast majority of cases merchants or householder had no set up warning signs, unfortunately once someone get an electric shock, the consequences are not envisaged.     Factory is mainly engaged in plastic toys, large inflatable toys, inflatable castles, cartoon model gas products such as, to the enterprise internal integration, the flow of production is in good state, the welcome general customers come to order our products.

walk on the road, we often can see a variety of module, the module color striking, modelling is chic, brings to our life is not the same color. Gas model largely enriched our life, so gas mold factory in the production of these gas model will adopt what kind of material? Gas mold factory in the production of gas model, according to different purposes in different material, more common module materials include PVC plastic material and PE material. PVC material is composed of high frequency machine or hot fan MWCNTS, module of PE material is through the sewing equipment and sewing, the former is an inflatable with air pump, pneumatic equipment, such as we often see the arch, inflatable after gas plug seal. The latter is installed internal or external electric blower aeration equipment such as continuous aeration, inflatable castle, trampoline, we usually see outdoor tent is such material. Shops, inflatable arch, with its striking sex is a good way to attract attention. Hold the wedding ceremony, red Jin Longfeng double arch is both and jubilant atmosphere; Shop held activities, all kinds of cartoon gas model with its lovely modelling was able to make a lot of customers. Gas mold factory in the production of gas model, more thought to the light, environmental protection, easy to carry and can be repeated use of these advantages. My company is mainly engaged in various types of model gas sales, and other outdoor products, can also customize product according to your demand for you. Welcome clients 18937803869

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