Christmas, playground the necessary management strategy

2019 - 11 - 02 08:14:24

every holiday is a good time to amusement park promotion, children's park marketing to borrow at Christmas is also a good choice. At this time of the year children and family as the unit consumption of consumer groups is the goal of each big businesses, because under the festival atmosphere rendering most can stimulate consumption crowd, but in the same Christmas activities, how do we grab festival elements on track4 creates a unique marketing activities to active the atmosphere?

Christmas promotions, in addition to want to grasp the theme, but also pay attention to the actual operation combining site, to develop a unique targeted promotion content, borrow the festive atmosphere, to lure people to come in, the rest is much easier to work.

a small gift, free gift of Christmas. All customers inside the space, a free Christmas hat, Christmas cap inside small gift will be equipped with restaurant ( Christmas hat and Christmas gifts will be printed with the name of the park) 。 Activities of the atmosphere, when consumers wearing a Christmas hat shop in the outside, can also be paradise for children have the effect of propaganda.

store on Christmas Eve, arrange several staff dressed in Santa Claus clothes, attachment distributing propaganda in the restaurant, and passed the kids play mora, guess win children can get the candy, chocolate, and other small gifts. And after visitors and friend take pictures photos, helping to promote their children's paradise, also do not break is a suction eye which popular method.

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