Choose the main points of the inflatable trampoline

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buy inflatable trampoline large inflatable toys should pay attention to: the trampoline, inflatable trampoline first to look at the composition of fabric anti-fouling, environmental protection high strength PVC coated choreography, namely by high-strength polyester silk warp/weft weave and double PVC coating composition, and after repeated strengthen property requirements, low toxicity, flame retardant, resistance to fracture strength is strong, strong tear resistance, uv resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, gel performance ( The acetic ester invasion bubble 10 minutes no delaminating) And the temperature - applies to minus 40 degrees Celsius - - - - - - 40 degrees Celsius inflatable trampoline process and beautify should meet the following requirement: printing + print ( 1) Nylon ink printing materials: senior technical requirements: green environmental protection standard, bright colors, strong adhesion, ultraviolet irradiation five years do not fade, 2) Print: high density of fine print on the gas gathering, according to the clients or for the overall design of the castle design is made. Product process: a. Product appearance: full form is beautiful, arc is natural, paste flat, Angle is symmetrical, basic, clean, need to reinforce the corner must be reinforced. b。 Stitching: open wire and live line of products using silk, cotton, nylon line, polyester thread, mainly adopts seiko double needle stitching. Local high frequency thermal bonding process, reduce the air leakage. c。 Suture line trace: up and down, outside threats, straight stitch, stitch is consistent, seam line for two or three line. d。 Outlet: using three protection device, built-in buffer to protect gas. e. All the products adopt three line sewing, with a cushion of the joint protection article plus wind nose and so on a series of safety problems

the last is to have a perfect after-sales service to ensure you meet a problem in the operation can be timely solve.

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