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2019 - 10 - 08 15:57:13

recreation amusement equipment, the existing staff more than 200 people, has the world advanced technology production line; Amusement at the same time the company for the domestic other amusement equipment design, development, processing products of the company. Amusement with professional team of excellence, strict management, equipment, and strive to build brand inflatable castles, inflatable rock climbing, naughty castle, swing machines and amusement equipment series brand toys. As an amusement equipment experts, 'all show entertainment charm' recreation amusement equipment, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, reveal special, innovative and enterprising spirit of exert and strive without stop, formed the amusement phantom become clever design language. Eclecticism, and eclecticism of virtual wyner hundred sichuan style, would be a perfect combination of traditional culture and modern amusement form the amusement otherworldly personality and style. Amusement equipment and communicators - — ', 'constant ceaseless to build the new culture amusement equipment. Inflatable castles and trampoline products, mostly set more exciting projects, and these projects because is inflatable products, doing so security is guaranteed, take, for instance, climbing even fell to climb to the top is a cushion in the following, will not harm the child. And this kind of security from the children give their psychological enlightenment in childhood, to inspire them to greater thrill the bravery of the psychological. You choose our reason of amusement: the baby a lot of good exercise 1. Stimulate baby's potential; Stimulate baby's brain development, improve baby's IQ eq, promote baby's awareness in many aspects. 2. Stimulate baby's development; Stimulate baby's bone marrow, joints, ligaments, muscles, etc comprehensive development. Promote baby's bones strong. 3. To promote the baby digestion; Promote baby's digestion function, pulmonary function, etc. , more exercise boosts metabolism, promote nutrient absorption. 4. Enhance immunity; Baby strengthen the lungs are in the process of delivery, increase lung capacity, strengthen baby's immune function
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